General Church Information

St. Mary’s Church is the parish church of Highley. All are welcome to its services; whether you are a visitor or a local, whether you have previously worshipped regularly, occasionally or not at all.

What do we believe?

St. Mary’s Church is part of the Church of England although members of other churches are welcome. Whilst Christians group themselves into different denominations, there are a few basic beliefs that almost all share.

Christians believe that there is a God who sustains the whole of the universe, but who also cares and cherishes us as individuals.

Christians believe that the loving nature of God is uniquely revealed in the life of Jesus Christ. We believe that in the person of Jesus, God became human, that he suffered with us and died for us. Through his death he removed the barriers that prevent us from having a complete relationship with God and ourselves.

Christians believe that God is active in the world today through his Holy Spirit, and that the Holy Spirit can act through our own lives to do God’s work.

This is a very simple summary. For more details, we recommend that you look at the BBC web site on Christian belief. Alternatively, any member of staff at St. Mary’s will be happy to tell you more about Christianity.

St. Mary’s Church, Highley Purpose Statement - June 2003

This is a summary of what we believe the Church is here for.

St. Mary's Church, Highley exists:

1) To worship God as a committed fellowship of believers

2) To reach out to the wider community in order to...

......a) proclaim the good news of Jesus and...

......b) make new disciples

3) To nurture all believers into a fuller and deeper relationship with God

4) To be a force for God's good in the wider community

Services at St. Mary’s

On most Sundays there are two services, at 9.30 am in St Mary’s Church, and 11.00 in the Severn Centre. The service at 9.30 appeals to those who prefer the traditional pattern of Morning Prayer or Holy Communion following the Prayer Book; either the ASB or (on the first Sunday each month) the 1662 Book of Common Prayer. The 11.00 service is particularly suitable for those with young families; the first section is aimed at the children before they leave for their own activities. This is then followed by a Morning Service or Communion. An evening service on the fourth Sunday of the month is an informal one, held in the Church.

In addition to services at Highley, there are also regular Sunday services at Chelmarsh (9.30am, weekly, except the first Sunday in the month when there is a morning service at 10.30am), Billingsley and Glazeley (8.00 am or 9.30 am, alternating between the two churches). Morning Prayer (9.00 am Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) or Holy Communion (9.30 am, Weds) is normally said in Highley Church and special evening services are held at on such occasions as Ash Wednesday and Ascension Day.

Other Activities at St. Mary’s

Allsorts For Women, first Tuesday of each month, 7.30 pm in the Parish Hall. A variety of speakers covering religious and secular topics.

Coffee Mornings, various venues, every Tuesday, 10.00am.

House Groups Various times (morning/evenings) and venues; see staff members for details.

Youth Work

People at St Mary’s

Please see Contacts area of this site

Other Churches in Highley

Since the closure of the Methodist Church the only other Church remaining in Highley is the Apostolic Church.

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