The history of Highley - articles by Dr David Poyner

These are articles of historical interest which have previously appeared in the ‘Highley Forum’. They are subdivided into the following categories:

Landscape history

This page contains a collection of articles about the development of villages and hamlets in the Highley/Stottesdon/Kinlet/Billingsley area.

Religious history

This page contains a series of articles about religious history in Highley and the surrounding district. Subjects range from a chantry chapel in Chelmarsh to a 20th century vicar of Highley.


This page contains a collection of articles that describe transport on land and the Severn around Highley and the surrounding countryside.

New England, Highley

New England is a portion of Highley alongside the Borle Brook that borders Kinlet and Billingsley. It has a packhorse bridge, tramways and railways connected to local mines, a former row of workers cottages and an early example of a sewage works built by the Billingsley Colliery Company just before the First World War to serve their new development at Garden Village in Highley. These articles were initially written as part of a local history project funded by the Local Heritage Initiative.

Local iron industry

A collection of articles dealing with bloomeries, furnaces and forges in Billingsley, Stottesdon, Kinlet, Neen Savage and Cleobury Mortimer.

Military history

These articles describe how conflicts from medieval times to the cold war impacted on Highley and surrounding villages.

Highley in the 20th century

These articles deal with 20th century village life. Topics range from the first cinema to Woodhill Cricket team in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Mines and miners

Articles about the mines of Highley, Alveley, Kinlet and Billingsley and the men who worked in them.

Houses of Highley

This collection of articles describes the history of some of the houses in Highley. Subjects range from the medieval Borle Mill to the 20th century terrace of Coronation Street.

Pre-20th century history

This page contains a collection of articles dealing with the history of Highley, Kinlet and the surrounding area before 20th century.

Neighbouring villages

This page contains articles about Chelmarsh, Deuxhill, Kinlet, Middleton Scriven and Stottesdon which do not fit into the categories above.

Heritage Landscape history